Vascular Plants

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Ostenfeld, C.E.H. (1921), Contributions to West Australian Botany, part III : Additions and notes to the flora of extra-tropical W. Australia. Biologiske meddelelser, Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab 3(2) : 1-144 (Paper) Ostenfeld, C.E.H. Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Adenanthos intermedius Ostenf.
  2. Agrostocrinum scabrum (R.Br.) Ostenf.
  3. Anagallis foemina Mill.
  4. Angianthus humifusus var. minor Benth.
  5. Angianthus tomentosus J.C.Wendl.
  6. Anigozanthos manglesii var. flavescens Ostenf.
  7. Anigozanthos manglesii var. x virescens Ostenf.
  8. Arnoseris minima (L.) Schweigg. & Koerte
  9. Babiana plicata (Thunb.) Ker Gawl.
  10. Bartlingia paleacea (F.Muell.) Ostenf.
  11. Billardiera fusiformis Labill.
  12. Caesia versicolor Lindl.
  13. Caladenia gertrudae Ostenf.
  14. Calamagrostis filiformis var. preissii (Nees) Pilg.
  15. Callistachys lanceolata Vent.
  16. Centrolepis basiflora Ostenf.
  17. Chamaescilla versicolor (Lindl.) Ostenf.
  18. Chrysocoryne tenella F.Muell.
  19. Clematis linearifolia Steud.
  20. Clematis microphylla var. linearifolia (Steud.) Ostenf.
  21. Clematis microphylla var. occidentalis Benth.
  22. Conostylis involucrata Endl.
  23. Conostylis juncea var. involucrata (Endl.) Ostenf.
  24. Conostylis juncea Endl. var. juncea
  25. Dianella revoluta var. brevicaulis Ostenf.
  26. Dianella revoluta R.Br. var. revoluta
  27. Diplolaena andrewsii Ostenf.
  28. Diplolaena drummondii (Benth.) Ostenf.
  29. Diplolaena microcephala var. drummondii Benth.
  30. Eremophila angustifolia (S.Moore) Ostenf.
  31. Eremophila decipiens Ostenf.
  32. Eremophila glabra (R.Br.) Ostenf.
  33. Eremophila oldfieldii var. angustifolia S.Moore
  34. Euchilus linearis Benth.
  35. Geranium australe Nees
  36. Geranium pilosum var. australe Ostenf.
  37. Gnaphalodes filifolia Benth.
  38. Goodenia filiformis var. minutiflora F.Muell. ex K.Krause
  39. Goodenia micrantha C.Chr. & Ostenf.
  40. Helipterum australe (A.Gray) Ostenf.
  41. Helipterum drummondii (A.Gray) Ostenf.
  42. Helipterum glutinosum (Steetz) Druce
  43. Helipterum hyalospermum F.Muell. ex Benth.
  44. Helipterum pygmaeum var. drummondii (A.Gray) Ostenf.
  45. Helipterum pygmaeum var. occidentale Benth.
  46. Helipterum roseum var. nigropapposum Ostenf.
  47. Helipterum variabile (Sond.) Ostenf.
  48. Hemiandra brevifolia Benth.
  49. Hemiandra linearis Benth.
  50. Hemiandra pungens var. brevifolia (Benth.) Ostenf.
  51. Hemiandra pungens var. linearis (Benth.) Ostenf.
  52. Hemiandra pungens var. rupestris (Hügel ex Benth.) Ostenf.
  53. Hemiandra rupestris Hügel ex Benth.
  54. Hibbertia inconspicua Ostenf.
  55. Hibbertia pulchra Ostenf.
  56. Hyalosperma glutinosum Steetz
  57. Hyalosperma strictum Steetz
  58. Hyalosperma variabile Sond.
  59. Juncus planifolius var. humilis Ostenf.
  60. Juncus pygmaeus Thuill.
  61. Lachnagrostis preissii Nees
  62. Laxmannia paleacea F.Muell.
  63. Leucopogon amplectens Ostenf.
  64. Loranthus linophyllus var. preissii (Miq.) Ostenf.
  65. Loranthus preissii Miq.
  66. Luzula campestris var. migrata Buchenau
  67. Luzula migrata (Buchenau) Ostenf.
  68. Lysinema ciliatum var. ericoides Ostenf.
  69. Marianthus gracilis Ostenf.
  70. Myoporum acuminatum var. angustifolium Benth.
  71. Myoporum acuminatum var. montanum (R.Br.) Ostenf.
  72. Myoporum montanum R.Br.
  73. Oxylobium lanceolatum (Vent.) Ostenf.
  74. Parentucellia viscosa (L.) Caruel
  75. Pimelea imbricata var. nana (Graham) Ostenf.
  76. Pimelea nana Graham
  77. Pogonolepis stricta Steetz
  78. Pteronia L.
  79. Pteronia australiensis Hutch.
  80. Pteropogon drummondii A.Gray
  81. Scaevola paludosa var. repens C.Chr. & Ostenf.
  82. Scaevola repens de Vriese
  83. Siloxerus filifolius (Benth.) Ostenf.
  84. Siloxerus strictus (Steetz) Ostenf.
  85. Siloxerus tenellus (F.Muell.) Ostenf.
  86. Siloxerus tomentosus (J.C.Wendl.) Ostenf.
  87. Simsia latifolia var. gracilis Ostenf.
  88. Simsia latifolia R.Br. var. latifolia
  89. Sollya fusiformis (Labill.) Ostenf.
  90. Sollya heterophylla Lindl.
  91. Spergula arvensis L.
  92. Spergularia bocconei (Scheele) Graebn.
  93. Spergularia campestris (L.) Asch.
  94. Sphaerolobium lineare (Benth.) Ostenf.
  95. Stenochilus glaber R.Br.
  96. Stenopetalum gracile Bunge
  97. Stenopetalum robustum var. gracile (Bunge) Ostenf.
  98. Stylidium spathulatum var. obovatum Ostenf.
  99. Stypandra scabra R.Br.
  100. Tetragonia eremaea Ostenf.
  101. Tetratheca affinis var. platycaula Benth.
  102. Tetratheca platycaula (Benth.) Ostenf.
  103. Thryptomene davisiae Diels
  104. Trymalium billardierei var. α tomentosum Reissek
  105. Trymalium spathulatum Ostenf.
  106. Trymalium spathulatum var. tomentosum Ostenf.
  107. Trymalium spatulatum (Labill.) G.Don var. spatulatum
  108. Trymalium spatulatum var. tomentosum (Reissek) Ostenf.
  109. Ursinia anthemoides (L.) Poir.
  110. Veronica calycina var. stolonifera (Lehm.) Ostenf.
  111. Veronica stolonifera Lehm.
  112. Westringia rigida var. brachyphylla Ostenf.
  113. Westringia rigida var. dolichophylla Ostenf.
  114. Xanthosia candida var. subtrilobata Ostenf.
  115. Zygophyllum eremaeum (Diels) Ostenf.
  116. Zygophyllum fruticulosum var. eremaeum Diels

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