Vascular Plants

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Schwarz, O.K.A. (28 December 1927), Plantae novae vel minus cognitae Australiae tropicae. Repertorium Specierum Novarum Regni Vegetabilis 24(4-13) : 80-109 (Paper) Schwarz, O.K.A. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Acacia lamprocarpa O.Schwarz
  2. Acacia pellita O.Schwarz
  3. Alectryon anacardioides (A.Rich.) O.Schwarz
  4. Alectryon bleeseri O.Schwarz
  5. Blumea pannosa O.Schwarz
  6. Buchnera filicaulis O.Schwarz
  7. Buechnera filicaulis O.Schwarz
  8. Calogyne hians O.Schwarz
  9. Calogyne raphanoides O.Schwarz
  10. Calophyllum lonchophyllum O.Schwarz
  11. Calophyllum ramiflorum O.Schwarz
  12. Calophyllum sil Lauterb.
  13. Capparis citrifera O.Schwarz
  14. Careya jambosoides Lauterb.
  15. Cupania anacardioides A.Rich.
  16. Cynanchum dichasiale O.Schwarz
  17. Didiscus setosus O.Schwarz
  18. Diospyros calycantha O.Schwarz
  19. Dipodium stenocheilum O.Schwarz
  20. Elytranthe bleeseri O.Schwarz
  21. Eugenia bleeseri O.Schwarz
  22. Eugenia jambosoides (Lauterb.) O.Schwarz
  23. Gardenia petiolata O.Schwarz
  24. Grevillea pachypoda O.Schwarz
  25. Grewia pedicellata Roxb.
  26. Helicteres hirsuta Lour.
  27. Ilysanthes mitrasacmoides O.Schwarz
  28. Lindernia grossidentata O.Schwarz
  29. Loranthus haematodes O.Schwarz
  30. Loranthus spathulatus O.Schwarz
  31. Merremia pentaphylla (Jacq.) Hallier f.
  32. Mimusops elengi L.
  33. Mitrasacme volubilis O.Schwarz
  34. Oldenlandia mollugoides O.Schwarz
  35. Oldenlandia tenuissima O.Schwarz
  36. Osbeckia koolpinyahensis O.Schwarz
  37. Passiflora suberosa L.
  38. Peperomia pellucida (L.) Kunth
  39. Phrygilanthus novoguinensis K.Krause
  40. Phyllanthus xerocarpus O.Schwarz
  41. Plectronia coprosmoides (F.Muell.) K.Schum. var. coprosmoides
  42. Plectronia coprosmoides var. spathulata O.Schwarz
  43. Plectronia coprosmoides var. typica O.Schwarz
  44. Plectronia schultzii O.Schwarz
  45. Poranthera coerulea O.Schwarz
  46. Pterocaulon serratum O.Schwarz
  47. Randia lamprophylla O.Schwarz
  48. Sideroxylon portus-darwini O.Schwarz
  49. Spermacoce involucrata O.Schwarz
  50. Spermacoce laevigata var. dilatata Benth.
  51. Stemodia micrantha O.Schwarz
  52. Stylidium androsaceum O.Schwarz
  53. Stylidium ceratophorum O.Schwarz
  54. Stylidium multiscapum O.Schwarz
  55. Stylidium pseudotenellum O.Schwarz
  56. Triandrophora O.Schwarz
  57. Triandrophora linophylla O.Schwarz
  58. Utricularia ceratophylloides O.Schwarz
  59. Utricularia coerulea Wight
  60. Utricularia leptorhyncha O.Schwarz
  61. Utricularia pachyceras O.Schwarz
  62. Utricularia pterocalycina O.Schwarz

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