Vascular Plants

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Gandoger, M. (1919), Sertum Plantarum Novarum. Pars secunda. Bulletin de la Société Botanique de France 66 : 216-233 (Paper) Gandoger, M. Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Amphipogon elatior Gand.
  2. Amphipogon imbricatus Gand.
  3. Atherosperma dilatatum Gand.
  4. Atherosperma elongatum Gand.
  5. Atherosperma muticum Gand.
  6. Atherosperma tasmanicum Gand.
  7. Burchardia rigida Gand.
  8. Burckhardia rigida Gand.
  9. Caesia cygnorum Gand.
  10. Caesia dichotomizans Gand.
  11. Carpha tasmanica Gand.
  12. Caustis tenuirama Gand.
  13. Chamaescilla tasmanica Gand.
  14. Chenopodium lycioides Gand.
  15. Chenopodium ulicinum Gand.
  16. Conospermum cucullatum Gand.
  17. Conospermum elegantulum Gand.
  18. Conospermum helichrysoides Gand.
  19. Conospermum proximum Gand.
  20. Conospermum scolopendrinum Gand.
  21. Conospermum scorzonerifolium Gand.
  22. Davallia cristatella Gand.
  23. Davallia muelleri Gand.
  24. Davallia tasmanica Gand.
  25. Dianella admixta Gand.
  26. Dianella effusa Gand.
  27. Dryandra cygnorum Gand.
  28. Dryandra quinquedentata Gand.
  29. Echinopogon virens Gand.
  30. Enchylaena brevifolia Gand.
  31. Enchylaena decalvans Gand.
  32. Enchylaena falcatula Gand.
  33. Enchylaena patens Gand.
  34. Euphrasia crassiuscula Gand.
  35. Euphrasia deflexifolia Gand.
  36. Euphrasia maidenii Gand.
  37. Euphrasia novae-cambriae Gand.
  38. Euphrasia tasmanica Gand.
  39. Euphrasia trichocalycina Gand.
  40. Euphrasia walteri Gand.
  41. Grevillea alpivaga Gand.
  42. Grevillea amplifolia Gand.
  43. Grevillea approximata Gand.
  44. Grevillea cordigera Gand.
  45. Grevillea glaucina Gand.
  46. Grevillea lactucifolia Gand.
  47. Grevillea longistyla Gand.
  48. Grevillea neurophylla Gand.
  49. Grevillea patulifolia Gand.
  50. Grevillea scabrifolia Gand.
  51. Grevillea walteri Gand.
  52. Hakea amplifolia Gand.
  53. Hakea betchei Gand.
  54. Hakea cymbaecarpa Gand.
  55. Hakea eucalyptiformis Gand.
  56. Hakea florigera Gand.
  57. Hakea glabriflora Gand.
  58. Hakea glaucina Gand.
  59. Hakea incrassans Gand.
  60. Hakea laevipes Gand.
  61. Hakea leucopoda Gand.
  62. Hakea longispina Gand.
  63. Hakea lurida Gand.
  64. Hakea recondita Gand.
  65. Isopogon confertus Gand.
  66. Isopogon cornu-damae Gand.
  67. Isopogon eriocladus Gand.
  68. Isopogon eriophorus Gand.
  69. Isopogon globosus Gand.
  70. Isopogon ovoideus Gand.
  71. Isopogon scaberulus Gand.
  72. Isopogon virgulatus Gand.
  73. Lambertia barbata Gand.
  74. Lambertia proxima Gand.
  75. Lomatia arguta Gand.
  76. Lomatia densa Gand.
  77. Lomatia fallacina Gand.
  78. Lomatia praelonga Gand.
  79. Lomatia stenophylla Gand.
  80. Orthocarpus densiusculus Gand.
  81. Persoonia adjacens Gand.
  82. Persoonia breviuscula Gand.
  83. Persoonia effusa Gand.
  84. Persoonia latiuscula Gand.
  85. Persoonia maidenii Gand.
  86. Persoonia monticola Gand.
  87. Persoonia myrioclada Gand.
  88. Persoonia patulifolia Gand.
  89. Persoonia pervagans Gand.
  90. Persoonia phyllostachys Gand.
  91. Persoonia porrigens Gand.
  92. Persoonia recedens Gand.
  93. Persoonia tasmanica Gand.
  94. Persoonia viridula Gand.
  95. Persoonia walteri Gand.
  96. Petrophila argyrotricha Gand.
  97. Petrophila bakersana Gand.
  98. Petrophila chrysotricha Gand.
  99. Petrophila dasyclada Gand.
  100. Petrophila obtusifida Gand.
  101. Petrophila stylaris Gand.
  102. Petrophile argyrotricha Gand.
  103. Petrophile bakeriana Gand.
  104. Petrophile chrysotricha Gand.
  105. Petrophile dasyclada Gand.
  106. Petrophile obtusifida Gand.
  107. Petrophile stylaris Gand.
  108. Psilotum flabellatum Gand.
  109. Ptilotus oblongifolius Gand.
  110. Rhagodia cygnorum Gand.
  111. Ricinocarpos megalanthus Gand.
  112. Ricinocarpos proximus Gand.
  113. Ricinocarpus megalanthus Gand.
  114. Ricinocarpus proximus Gand.
  115. Santalum densiflorum Gand.
  116. Santalum leptocladum Gand.
  117. Santalum megacarpum Gand.
  118. Stypandra graminea Gand.
  119. Stypandra juncinella Gand.
  120. Stypandra laeta Gand.
  121. Stypandra latifolia Gand.
  122. Triglochin pycnostachys Gand.
  123. Veronica maideniana Gand.
  124. Xerotes apiculata Gand.
  125. Xerotes fibrillosa Gand.
  126. Xerotes fribrillosa Gand.
  127. Zoysia iodostachys Gand.

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