Vascular Plants

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Burman, N.L. (1768), Flora Indica: cui accedit series zoophytorum indicorum, nec non Prodromus Florae Capensis (Book) Burman, N.L. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Acalypha hispida Burm.f.
  2. Acrostichum longifolium Burm.f.
  3. Adianthum Burm.f.
  4. Adianthum truncatum Burm.f.
  5. Adiantum denticulatum Burm.f.
  6. Adiantum lunulatum Burm.f.
  7. Adiantum truncatum Burm.f.
  8. Aloe perfoliata var. vera L.
  9. Aloe vera (L.) Burm.f.
  10. Alopecurus typhoides Burm.f.
  11. Andropogon dulce Burm.f.
  12. Andropogon dulcis Burm.f.
  13. Antholyza aletroides Burm.f.
  14. Blechnum indicum Burm.f.
  15. Borago zeylanica Burm.f.
  16. Calophyllum soulattri Burm.f.
  17. Calophyllum soulattrie Burm.f.
  18. Carex ovata Burm.f.
  19. Cassia surattensis Burm.f.
  20. Citrus limon (L.) Burm.f.
  21. Citrus medica var. limon L.
  22. Claucena Burm.f.
  23. Clausena Burm.f.
  24. Clausena excavata Burm.f.
  25. Commelina diffusa Burm.f.
  26. Convolvulus gemellus Burm.f.
  27. Convolvulus nervosus Burm.f.
  28. Convolvulus uniflorus Burm.f.
  29. Conyza lacera Burm.f.
  30. Cornutia corymbosa Burm.f.
  31. Crassula scutellaria Burm.f.
  32. Crotalaria nana Burm.f.
  33. Croton polot Burm.f.
  34. Dolichos catjang Burm.f.
  35. Embelia Burm.f.
  36. Epidendrum spathulatum L.
  37. Eugenia aquea Burm.f.
  38. Evolvulus emarginatus Burm.f.
  39. Evolvulus hederaceus Burm.f.
  40. Ficus ampelos Burm.f.
  41. Ficus septica Burm.f.
  42. Galega colutea Burm.f.
  43. Hedysarum prostratum L.
  44. Hedysarum reniforme L.
  45. Heliotropium curassavicum var. zeylanicum Burm.f.
  46. Hibiscus panduraeformis Burm.f.
  47. Hibiscus panduriformis Burm.f.
  48. Hieracium javanicum Burm.f.
  49. Ipomoea paniculata Burm.f.
  50. Iresine javanica Burm.f.
  51. Iresine persica Burm.f.
  52. Jasminum oblongum Burm.f.
  53. Justicia chinensis L.
  54. Justicia gendarussa Burm.f.
  55. Justicia paniculata Burm.f.
  56. Limonia trifolia Burm.f.
  57. Melia koetjape Burm.f.
  58. Memecylon umbellatum Burm.f.
  59. Nyctanthes multiflora Burm.f.
  60. Nymphaea nouchali Burm.f.
  61. Oldenlandia tenuifolia Burm.f.
  62. Ophioglossum circinnatum Burm.f.
  63. Panicum hirtellum L.
  64. Poa chinensis Burm.f.
  65. Polypodium lineare Burm.f.
  66. Polypodium palustre Burm.f.
  67. Polypodium radicans Burm.
  68. Polypodium scolopendria Burm.f.
  69. Polypodium spinulosum Burm.f.
  70. Pontederia vaginalis Burm.f.
  71. Porana Burm.f.
  72. Porana volubilis Burm.f.
  73. Protium Burm.f.
  74. Pteris ensiformis Burm.f.
  75. Rhizophora caryophylloides Burm.f.
  76. Ruellia alternata Burm.f.
  77. Ruellia anagallis Burm.f.
  78. Sida acuta Burm.f.
  79. Sida persica Burm.f.
  80. Staphylea indica Burm.f.
  81. Stipa littorea Burm.f.
  82. Thlaspi africanus Burm.f.
  83. Trianthema decandrum L.
  84. Trichomanes aethiopicum Burm.f.
  85. Trichomanes tenuifolia Burm.f.
  86. Urtica candicans Burm.f.
  87. Vallaris Burm.f.
  88. Viscum articulatum Burm.f.
  89. Zaleya Burm.f.
  90. Zaleya decandra (L.) Burm.f.

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