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Johnson, L.A.S. (1959), The families of cycads and the Zamiaceae of Australia. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales 84 (Paper) Johnson, L.A.S. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Bowenia Hook.f.
  2. Bowenia serrulata (W.Bull) Chamb.
  3. Bowenia spectabilis Hook. ex Hook.f.
  4. Bowenia spectabilis var. serrata F.M.Bailey
  5. Bowenia spectabilis var. serrulata W.Bull
  6. Catakidozamia W.Hill
  7. Cycas riedlei Fisch. ex Gaudich.
  8. Encephalartos denisonii (C.Moore & F.Muell.) F.Muell.
  9. Encephalartos douglasii F.Muell.
  10. Encephalartos dyeri F.Muell.
  11. Encephalartos miquelii F.Muell.
  12. Encephalartos moorei (F.Muell.) F.Muell.
  13. Encephalartos oldfieldii Miq.
  14. Encephalartos preissii (Lehm.) F.Muell.
  15. Encephalartos pungens (L.f. ex Aiton) Lehm.
  16. Encephalartos sect. Parazamia Miq.
  17. Encephalartos spiralis var. diplomera F.Muell.
  18. Encephalartos spiralis var. major Miq.
  19. Lepidozamia Regel
  20. Lepidozamia denisonii (C.Moore & F.Muell.) Regel
  21. Lepidozamia hopeites (Cookson) L.A.S.Johnson
  22. Lepidozamia peroffskyana Regel
  23. Macrozamia Miq.
  24. Macrozamia communis L.A.S.Johnson
  25. Macrozamia corallipes Hook.f.
  26. Macrozamia cylindrica C.Moore
  27. Macrozamia denisonii C.Moore & F.Muell.
  28. Macrozamia denisonii var. hopei (W.Hill) J.Schust.
  29. Macrozamia diplomera (F.Muell.) L.A.S.Johnson
  30. Macrozamia douglasii W.Hill ex F.M.Bailey
  31. Macrozamia dyeri (F.Muell.) C.A.Gardner
  32. Macrozamia fawcettii C.Moore
  33. Macrozamia flexuosa C.Moore
  34. Macrozamia fraseri Miq.
  35. Macrozamia heteromera C.Moore
  36. Macrozamia heteromera f. harmsii J.Schust.
  37. Macrozamia heteromera var. glauca C.Moore
  38. Macrozamia heteromera var. tenuifolia C.Moore
  39. Macrozamia heteromera var. tenuifolia J.Schust.
  40. Macrozamia hopeites Cookson
  41. Macrozamia lucida L.A.S.Johnson
  42. Macrozamia macdonnellii (F.Muell. ex Miq.) F.Muell. ex A.DC.
  43. Macrozamia mackenzii Mast.
  44. Macrozamia macleayi Miq.
  45. Macrozamia miquelii (F.Muell.) A.DC.
  46. Macrozamia moorei F.Muell.
  47. Macrozamia mountperriensis F.M.Bailey
  48. Macrozamia oldfieldii (Miq.) A.DC.
  49. Macrozamia pauli-guilielmi W.Hill & F.Muell.
  50. Macrozamia pauli-guilielmi subsp. flexuosa (C.Moore) L.A.S.Johnson
  51. Macrozamia pauli-guilielmi W.Hill & F.Muell. subsp. pauli-guilielmi
  52. Macrozamia pauli-guilielmi subsp. plurinervia L.A.S.Johnson
  53. Macrozamia peroffskyana (Regel) Miq.
  54. Macrozamia platyrhachis F.M.Bailey
  55. Macrozamia plumosa Mohr
  56. Macrozamia preissii Lehm.
  57. Macrozamia preissii subsp. dyeri (F.Muell.) J.Schust.
  58. Macrozamia riedlei (Fisch. ex Gaudich.) C.A.Gardner
  59. Macrozamia Miq. sect. Macrozamia
  60. Macrozamia sect. Monooccidentales J.Schust.
  61. Macrozamia sect. Monoorientales J.Schust.
  62. Macrozamia sect. Parazamia (Miq.) Miq.
  63. Macrozamia sect. Polyorientales J.Schust.
  64. Macrozamia secunda (Benth.) C.Moore
  65. Macrozamia secunda var. dichotoma C.Moore
  66. Macrozamia spiralis (Salisb.) Miq.
  67. Macrozamia spiralis var. corallipes (Hook.f.) Benth.
  68. Macrozamia spiralis var. cylindracea Benth.
  69. Macrozamia spiralis var. cylindrica Regel
  70. Macrozamia spiralis var. cylindrica (C.Moore) Maiden & Betche
  71. Macrozamia spiralis var. diplomera (F.Muell.) A.DC.
  72. Macrozamia spiralis var. eximia Regel
  73. Macrozamia spiralis var. fawcettii (C.Moore) Maiden & Betche
  74. Macrozamia spiralis var. fraseri Regel
  75. Macrozamia spiralis var. heteromera (C.Moore) Maiden & Betche
  76. Macrozamia spiralis var. hillii Regel
  77. Macrozamia spiralis var. secunda Benth.
  78. Macrozamia spiralis var. secunda (Benth.) Maiden & Betche
  79. Macrozamia stenomera L.A.S.Johnson
  80. Macrozamia subsect. Acuta J.Schust.
  81. Macrozamia subsect. Attenuata J.Schust.
  82. Macrozamia subsect. Curvata J.Schust.
  83. Macrozamia tridentata (Willd.) Regel
  84. Macrozamia tridentata f. dielsii J.Schust.
  85. Macrozamia tridentata f. diplomera (F.Muell.) J.Schust.
  86. Macrozamia tridentata f. hillii J.Schust.
  87. Macrozamia tridentata f. milkaui J.Schust.
  88. Macrozamia tridentata f. oblongifolia (Regel) J.Schust.
  89. Macrozamia tridentata f. vavilovii J.Schust.
  90. Macrozamia tridentata subsp. cylindrica (C.Moore) J.Schust.
  91. Macrozamia tridentata subsp. mountperriensis (F.M.Bailey) J.Schust.
  92. Macrozamia tridentata var. corallipes (Hook.f.) J.Schust.
  93. Macrozamia tridentata var. douglasii (F.Muell.) J.Schust.
  94. Macrozamia tridentata var. mackenzii (Mast.) J.Schust.
  95. Macrozamia tridentata var. miquelii (F.Muell.) J.Schust.
  96. Macrozamia tridentata var. pungens (L.f. ex Aiton) J.Schust.
  97. Macrozamia tridentata var. secunda (Benth.) J.Schust.
  98. Stangeriaceae L.A.S.Johnson
  99. Zamia pallida Salisb.
  100. Zamia pungens L.f. ex Aiton
  101. Zamia spiralis Salisb.
  102. Zamia tridentata Willd.

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