Vascular Plants

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Swartz, O. (1806), Synopsis Filicum : null - null (Section) Swartz, O. Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Acrostichum alcicorne P.Willemet
  2. Acrostichum conforme Sw.
  3. Adiantum L.
  4. Adiantum assimile Sw.
  5. Adiantum culcutratum Willd.
  6. Adiantum nervosum Sw.
  7. Asplenium flabellifolium Cav.
  8. Blechnum cartilagineum Sw.
  9. Cheilanthes arborescens Sw.
  10. Cheilanthes tenuifolia (Burm.f.) Sw.
  11. Cheilanthes viridis (Forssk.) Sw.
  12. Davallia elata (G.Forst.) Sw.
  13. Davallia pyxidata Cav.
  14. Dicksonia polypodioides Sw.
  15. Diplazium sylvaticum (Bory) Sw.
  16. Gleichenia circinnata Sw.
  17. Grammitis leptophylla (L.) Sw.
  18. Hemionitis prolifera Retz.
  19. Lindsaea cultrata (Willd.) Sw.
  20. Lindsaea linearis Sw.
  21. Lonchitis tenuifolia G.Forst.
  22. Lycopodium concinnum Sw.
  23. Lycopodium novae-hollandiae Sw.
  24. Lygodium circinnatum (Burm.f.) Sw.
  25. Lygodium dichotomum (Cav.) Sw.
  26. Meniscium proliferum (Retz.) Sw.
  27. Onoclea scandens Sw.
  28. Ophioglossum circinnatum Burm.f.
  29. Ophioglossum flexuosum L.
  30. Polypodium adnascens Sw.
  31. Polypodium angustatum Sw.
  32. Polypodium leptophyllum L.
  33. Polypodium palustre Burm.f.
  34. Psilotum complanatum Sw.
  35. Pteris blechnoides Willd.
  36. Pteris esculenta G.Forst.
  37. Pteris viridis Forssk.
  38. Schizaea Sm.
  39. Schizaea bifida Willd.
  40. Schizaea digitata (L.) O.Schwarz
  41. Taenitis blechnoides (Willd.) Sw.
  42. Trichomanes digitatum Sw.
  43. Trichomanes tenuifolia Burm.f.
  44. Ugena dichotoma Cav.
  45. Vittaria elongata Sw.

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