Vascular Plants

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Gardner, C.A. (1964), Contributiones Florae Australiae Occidentalis, XIII. Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia 47(2) (Paper) Gardner, C.A. Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Actinostrobus arenarius C.A.Gardner
  2. Banksia benthamiana C.A.Gardner
  3. Banksia laricina C.A.Gardner
  4. Banksia pilostylis C.A.Gardner
  5. Beaufortia ? cymbifolia Diels
  6. Beaufortia velutina Turcz.
  7. Casuarina ramosissima C.A.Gardner
  8. Conospermum sericeum C.A.Gardner
  9. Darwinia masonii C.A.Gardner
  10. Dryandra arborea C.A.Gardner
  11. Dryandra cynaroides C.A.Gardner
  12. Dryandra foliosissima C.A.Gardner
  13. Dryandra subpinnatifida C.A.Gardner
  14. Dryandra subulata C.A.Gardner
  15. Eremaea purpurea C.A.Gardner
  16. Eucalyptus cupularis C.A.Gardner
  17. Eucalyptus jucunda C.A.Gardner
  18. Gastrolobium appressum C.A.Gardner
  19. Goodenia sericostachya C.A.Gardner
  20. Grevillea candelabroides C.A.Gardner
  21. Grevillea fulgens C.A.Gardner
  22. Grevillea globosa C.A.Gardner
  23. Grevillea gordoniana C.A.Gardner
  24. Grevillea ninghanensis C.A.Gardner
  25. Grevillea rogersoniana C.A.Gardner
  26. Hakea tamminensis C.A.Gardner
  27. Lachnostachys bracteosa C.A.Gardner
  28. Lambertia orbifolia C.A.Gardner
  29. Lechenaultia pulvinaris C.A.Gardner
  30. Leptospermum sericeum Labill.
  31. Leschenaultia pulvinaris C.A.Gardner
  32. Melaleuca conothamnoides C.A.Gardner
  33. Newcastelia chrysophylla C.A.Gardner
  34. Newcastlia chrysophylla C.A.Gardner
  35. Oxylobium rigidum C.A.Gardner
  36. Pityrodia spectabilis C.A.Gardner
  37. Prostanthera scutata C.A.Gardner
  38. Regelia cymbifolia (Diels) C.A.Gardner
  39. Regelia megacephala C.A.Gardner
  40. Regelia velutina (Turcz.) C.A.Gardner
  41. Wehlia aurea C.A.Gardner
  42. Wehlia grandiflora C.A.Gardner

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