Vascular Plants

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Labillardiere, J.J.H. de (1805), Novae Hollandiae Plantarum Specimen 1(5-7) (Section) Labillardiere, J.J.H. de Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Agrostis L.
  2. Campanula L.
  3. Campanula littoralis Labill.
  4. Cenarrhenes Labill.
  5. Cenarrhenes nitida Labill.
  6. Epacris cerinthoides Labill.
  7. Epacris heteronema Labill.
  8. Epacris impressa Labill.
  9. Epacris lanuginosa Labill.
  10. Epacris myrtifolia Labill.
  11. Exacum L.
  12. Exacum ovatum Labill.
  13. Exacum vaginale Labill.
  14. Gonocarpus tetragyna Labill.
  15. Gonocarpus tetragynus Labill.
  16. Goodenia elongata Labill.
  17. Goodenia repens Labill.
  18. Hypoxis hygrometrica Labill.
  19. Lobelia alata Labill.
  20. Lobelia cuneiformis Labill.
  21. Lobelia gibbosa Labill.
  22. Lobelia heterophylla Labill.
  23. Mitrasacme Labill.
  24. Mitrasacme pilosa Labill.
  25. Opercularia apiciflora Labill.
  26. Opercularia spermacocea Labill.
  27. Opercularia vaginata Labill.
  28. Persoonia juniperina Labill.
  29. Scaevola crassifolia Labill.
  30. Scaevola cuneiformis Labill.
  31. Scaevola globulifera Labill.
  32. Sheffieldia J.R.Forst. & G.Forst.
  33. Sheffieldia incana Labill.
  34. Styphelia abietina Labill.
  35. Styphelia collina Labill.
  36. Styphelia cordata Labill.
  37. Styphelia glauca Labill.
  38. Styphelia obovata Labill.
  39. Styphelia oxycedrus Labill.
  40. Styphelia richei Labill.
  41. Styphelia serrulata Labill.
  42. Styphelia trichocarpa Labill.
  43. Styphelia virgata Labill.
  44. Velleia trinervis Labill.

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