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Showing Opercularia diphylla
Rubiaceae Juss.
Opercularia diphylla Gaertn. , legitimate, scientific
Gaertner, J. (December 1788), De Fructibus et Seminibus Plantarum 1: 113 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "Ex herbario Banksiano. Habitat cum praecedenti" [i.e. O. aspera].
  • Comment: A.L.Jussieu, Ann. Mus. Natl Hist. Nat. 4 (1804) 427 states "in AustralasiĆ¢".
Dryander, J.C. in Koenig, K.D.E. & Sims, J. (ed.) (1 September 1806), Chloris Novae Hollandiae; or, Catalogue of the Plants of New Holland and Van Dieman's Island hitherto published, as far as they have come to the knowledge of J. Dryander. Annals of Botany 2(3): 511 [secondary reference]
Sprengel, C.P.J. (1824), Systema Vegetabilium Edn. 17, 1: 385 [doubtful taxonomic synonym]
doubtful taxonomic synonym of: Opercularia hispida Spreng. legitimate
Bentham, G. (5 January 1867), Orders XLVIII. Myrtaceae- LXII. Compositae. Flora Australiensis 3: 434 [secondary reference]
taxonomic synonym: Opercularia sessiliflora A.Juss. legitimate
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  • APC Dist.: Qld, NSW
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