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Basellaceae Raf.
Anredera Juss. , legitimate, scientific
Jussieu, A.L. de (4 August 1789), Genera Plantarum: 84 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: Anredera spicata J.Gmelin
Bakhuizen van den Brink, R.C. Jnr & Steenis, C.G.G.J. van (1956), (21) Proposal to conserve the generic name 2428 Anredera Juss. 1789 against Fallopi Adans. 1763 (Basellaceae). Taxon 5(8): 198 [secondary reference]
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taxonomic synonym: Boussingaultia Kunth legitimate
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orthographic variant: Andredera Steenis orth. var. nomenclatural synonym: Boussingaultia Kunth legitimate
  • APC Dist.: WA (naturalised), SA (naturalised), Qld (naturalised), NSW (naturalised), LHI (naturalised), NI (naturalised), Vic (naturalised), Tas (naturalised)
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