Vascular Plants Australian Plant Name Index (APNI)

Showing Isopogon buxifolius var. buxifolius
Proteaceae Juss.
Isopogon buxifolius R.Br. var. buxifolius , legitimate, autonym
Bentham, G. (1870), Flora Australiensis 5: 341 BHL [implicit autonym]
Wrigley, J.W. & Fagg, M. (1989), Banksias, Waratahs & Grevilleas and all other plants in the Australian Proteaceae family: 429 (map) [secondary reference]
  • Etymology: "From the genus Buxus, the box, and Latin, folium, a leaf, referring to the leaves, which resemble those of the European box."
Foreman, D.B. in McCarthy, P.M. (ed.) (1995), Isopogon. Flora of Australia 16: 221-222, Map 223 [secondary reference]
CHAH (2005), Australian Plant Census: - APC [secondary reference]
  • APC Dist.: WA
Rye, B.L. & Hislop, M. (9 October 2015), Typification and reinstatement of Isopogon spathulatus (Proteaceae: Leucadendreae). Nuytsia 25: 303-304 [secondary reference]