Vascular Plants Australian Plant Name Index (APNI)

Showing Viburnum suspensum
Viburnaceae Raf.
Viburnum suspensum Lindl. , legitimate, scientific
Lindley, J. (1853), Journal of the Horticultural Society of London 8: 130 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: (not cited).
Jacobs, S.W.L. & Pickard, J. (1981), Plants of New South Wales: 97 [secondary reference]
Harden, G.J. in Harden, G.J. (ed.) (1992), Viburnaceae. Flora of New South Wales 3: 448 [secondary reference]
CHAH (2009), Australian Plant Census: - [excluded name]
  • APC Comment: Recorded by S.W.L.Jacobs & J.Pickard, Pl. New S. Wales 97 (1981) for NSW, but it is not certain whether the specimen this record is based on represents naturalised plants or those persisting from former cultivation.
CHAH (2012), Australian Plant Census: - APC [secondary reference]
  • APC Dist.: NSW (naturalised)