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Isoetaceae Rchb.
Isoetes drummondii A.Braun , legitimate, scientific
Braun, A.K.H. (1868), Über die australischen Arten der Gattung Isoetes. Monatsberichte der Koniglich Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin 1868: 542 BHL [tax. nov.]
  • Type: Ad flumen Swan River Novae Hollandiae australi-occidentali 1. Drummond 1843 (no. 989).
  • Comment: Braun refers to "Monatsb. d. Akad. d. Wiss. 1863. p. 593" [i.e. A.Braun, Monatsber. Königl. Preuss. Akad. Wiss. Berlin 1863: 593 (1863)], where the name is given without a description.
Mueller, F.J.H. von (1882), Systematic Census of Australian Plants: 136 [secondary reference]
Kuntze, C.E.O. (5 November 1891), Revisio Generum Plantarum 2: 828 [basionym]
basionym of: Calamaria drummondii (A.Braun) Kuntze legitimate
Dixon, W.A. (1906), The Plants of New South Wales: 279 [secondary reference]
common name: Quillwort [n/a]
Black, J.M. (1922), Cyatheaceae - Orchidaceae. Flora of South Australia 1: 44 [secondary reference]
common name: Quillwort [n/a]
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common name: Quillwort [n/a]
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vernacular name: Plain Quillwort [n/a]
Willis, J.H. (1970), A Handbook to Plants in Victoria Edn. 2, 1: 53 [pro parte misapplied]
pro parte misapplied to: Isoetes humilior F.Muell. ex A.Braun legitimate by Ewart, A.J. (1931), Flora of Victoria: 19
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  • Lectotype: " ' herb. Vindob. et Hook. 1863 ...Ad flumen Swan River Novae Hollandiae australi-occidentalis 1. Drummond 1843 (no. 989).' (W lecto, AD photo; K, P (mixed with I. tripus ), W (the only sheet bearing Drummond’s number label))."
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common name: Plain Quillwort [n/a]
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common name: Quillwort [n/a]
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common name: Quillwort [n/a]
Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria (2006), Australian Plant Census: - APC [secondary reference]
nomenclatural synonym: Calamaria drummondii (A.Braun) Kuntze legitimate taxonomic synonym: Isoetes drummondii A.Braun nom. inval., nom. nud.
  • APC Dist.: WA, SA, Qld, NSW, Vic, Tas
Field, A.R. (2 January 2020), Classification and typification of Australian lycophytes and ferns based on Pteridophyte Phylogeny Group classification PPG I. Australian Systematic Botany 33(1): 10 [secondary reference]
  • Type: "Swan River, Western Australia, 1843, J.Drummond 989 (lecto: W n.v.; isolecto: B 200108371a!, BM 001038478*, E 00348792*, K 001094258*, LE 00009019*, P 00523198!, P 00523199!,W n.v.,"