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Showing Pultenaea brachytropis
Fabaceae Lindl.
Pultenaea brachytropis Benth. , legitimate, scientific
Lindley, J. in Lindley, J. (ed.) (May 1841), Miscellaneous Notices. Edwards's Botanical Register 27: 40, no. 76 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "from Port Augusta, on the South-west coast of New Holland, whence seeds were sent to Capt. James Mangles, R.N. by Mrs. Molloy, ..."
Orthia, L.A., de Kok, R.P.J. & Crisp, M.D. (20 May 2005), A revision of Pultenaea (Fabaceae: Mirbelieae). 4. Species occurring in Western Australia. Australian Systematic Botany 18(2): 168-169, Fig. 4c (map) APC [secondary reference]
taxonomic synonym: Pultenaea drummondii Meisn. legitimate
  • APC Dist.: WA