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Showing Juncus tenuis
Juncaceae Juss.
Juncus tenuis Willd. , legitimate, scientific
Willdenow, C.L. (1799), Species Plantarum Edn. 4, 2(1): 214 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "Habitat in America boreali. ... (v.s.)"
Ascherson, P.F.A. & Graebner, K.O.R.P.P. in Ascherson, P.F.A. & Graebner, K.O.R.P.P. (ed.) (26 July 1904), Synopsis der Mitteleuropaischen Flora 2(2), 5: 434 [secondary reference]
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common name: Slender Rush [n/a]
Curtis, W.M. in Curtis, W.M. & Morris, D.I. (1994), Juncaceae. The Student's Flora of Tasmania 4B: 62 [secondary reference]
Kirschner, J. (2002), Juncaceae 3: Juncus subg. Agathryon. Species Plantarum: Flora of the World 8: 33-35, Fig. 126, Map 429 APC [secondary reference]
  • APC Dist.: NSW (naturalised), ACT (doubtfully naturalised), Vic (naturalised), Tas (naturalised)
National Herbarium of New South Wales (2009), PlantNET Flora of New South Wales Online: - [secondary reference]
Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria (2010), Australian Plant Census: - [misapplied]
misapplied to: Juncus bufonius L. legitimate by Black, J.M. (1943), Flora of South Australia Edn. 2, 1: 182
de Salas, M.F. & Baker, M.L. (2016), A Census of the Vascular Plants of Tasmania, including Macquarie Island: 91 [secondary reference]