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Showing Leionema lamprophyllum subsp. fractum
Rutaceae Juss.
Leionema lamprophyllum subsp. fractum S.A.J.Bell , legitimate, scientific
Bell, S.A.J. & Walsh, N.G. (16 December 2015), Leionema lamprophyllum subsp. fractum (Rutaceae); a new and highly restricted taxon from the Hunter Valley of New South Wales. Telopea 18: 506, Figs 1, 2 (map) APC [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "New South Wales: North Coast: Broken Back Range, Pokolbin State Forest, 30 Aug 2014, S.A.J. Bell 4501 (holo: NSW987279; iso: MEL) [precise location withheld for conservation purposes]."
  • APC Dist.: NSW
  • Etymology: "The subspecific epithet, fractum, is derived from the Latin fractus, broken, and is a direct reference to the very broken and fractured sandstone habitat (spur-end) in which this taxon occurs. It also pertains more broadly to the Broken Back Range, the site of the only known extant population of this subspecies."