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Poaceae Barnhart
Cryptachne trinerva E.J.Thomps. , legitimate, scientific
Thompson, E.J. (9 November 2022), Cryptachne E.J.Thomps. (Poaceae: Panicoideae: Cleistochloinae), a new genus for Queensland with three new species. Austrobaileya 12: 36-37 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "Queensland. North Kennedy District: 12 km W of Charters Towers near edge of Flinders Highway, 30 March 2011, E.J. Thompson CHA763, B.K. Simon & M. Edginton (holo: BRI [AQ863142, comprising 1 sheet])."
taxonomic synonym: Calyptochloa sp. (Charters Towers E.J.Thompson+ CHA554) [n/a] taxonomic synonym: Dimorphochloa sp. (Charters Towers E.J.Thompson+ CHA554) [n/a]
  • Etymology: "Named after the lower lemma commonly being 3-veined."