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Asteraceae Bercht. & J.Presl
Xerochrysum banksii (A.Cunn. ex DC.) T.L.Collins & I.Telford , legitimate, scientific
Collins, T.L., Schmidt-Lebuhn, A.N., Andrew, R.L., Telford, I.R.H. & Bruhl, J.J. (9 June 2022), There’s gold in them thar hills! Morphology and molecules delimit species in Xerochrysum (Asteraceae; Gnaphalieae) and reveal many new taxa. Australian Systematic Botany 35(2): 144-146, Figs. 16 (map) & 17 [comb. nov.]
basionym: Helichrysum banksii A.Cunn. ex DC. legitimate nomenclatural synonym: Gnaphalium banksii (A.Cunn. ex DC.) Sch.Bip. legitimate pro parte misapplication: Helichrysum bracteatum (Vent.) Andrews legitimate by Bentham, G. (5 January 1867), Orders XLVIII. Myrtaceae- LXII. Compositae. Flora Australiensis 3: 620 pro parte misapplication: Xerochrysum bracteatum (Vent.) Tzvelev legitimate by Tzvelev, N.N. (1990), Novosti Sistematiki Vysshikh Rastenii 27: 151