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Acanthaceae Juss.
Simonachne E.J.Thomps. , legitimate, scientific
Thompson, E.J. (11 April 2022), Simonachne, a new genus for Australia segregated from Ancistrachne s.l. (Poaceae : Panicoideae : Paniceae) and a new subtribe Cleistochloinae. Australian Systematic Botany 35(1): 40-41 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: Simonachne maidenii (A.A.Ham.) E.J.Thomps.
  • Etymology: "The genus is named in memory and honour of Bryan Kenneth Simon (1943–2015), curator of Poaceae at BRI for nearly 40 years and author of numerous publications on grasses, and achne from the Greek for scale in reference to the spikelets."