Vascular Plants Australian Plant Name Index (APNI)

Showing Briedelia melanthesioides
Phyllanthaceae Martinov
Briedelia melanthesioides A.D.Chapm. , orth. var., scientific
Chapman, A.D. (1991), Australian Plant Name Index: 477 [primary reference]
CHAH (2009), Australian Plant Census: - APC [secondary reference]
  • APC Comment: An orthographic variant of Bridelia melanthesioides (Klotzsch ex Baill.) Klotzsch. Bridelia melanthesioides has been misapplied to Bridelia leichhardtii Baill. ex Muell.Arg. in Australia.
CHAH (2009), Australian Plant Census: - [orthographic variant]
orthographic variant of: Bridelia melanthesioides Klotzsch legitimate