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Showing Brachyscome billabongensis
Asteraceae Bercht. & J.Presl
Brachyscome billabongensis P.S.Short , legitimate, scientific
Short, P.S. (1 December 2014), A taxonomic review of Brachyscome Cass. (Asteraceae: Astereae), including description of a new genus, Roebuckia, new species and new infraspecific taxa. Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens 28: 94, Fig. 28 APC [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "Western Australia. c. 100 km N of Murchison River Bridge, (c. 30 km S of Billabong Roadhouse), 27 S, 114 38'E, Acacia, mallee Eucalyptus scrub, 17 Oct. 1983, P.S. Short 2116 (holotype: MEL 1523454" isotype: PERTH 393312)."
  • APC Dist.: WA
  • Etymology: "The name reflects the fact that I first became aware of this species after collecting it in the vicinity of the Billabong Roadhouse along the North West Coastal Highway."
Parker, C.M. & Percy-Bower, J.M. (31 March 2016), Updates to Western Australia’s vascular plant census for 2015. Nuytsia 27: 2 [secondary reference]