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Myrtaceae Juss.
Eucalyptus phoenix Molyneux & Forrester , legitimate, scientific
Molyneux, W.M. & Forrester, S.G. (2013), A new mallee species Eucalyptus phoenix (Myrtaceae) from Brumby Point, East Gippsland, Victoria. Muelleria 31: 66-68, Fig. 1 APC [tax. nov.]
  • Type: Victoria. Eastern end of the Brumby Point Track, 37 03'12"S, 148 04'42"E, 15.xi.2010, W. Molyneux & S.Forrester s.n. (Holotype MEL 2360702; Isotypes: AD, CANB, K, NSW, NY, S).
common name: Brumby Mallee-gum [n/a]
  • APC Dist.: Vic
  • Etymology: "The epithet phoenix commemorates the serendipitous discovery of a small amount of seed of this rare new plant following the apparently all-consuming fire of 2003. Like the fabled bird of Greek mythology Eucalyptus phoenix arose from the flames of a fire."