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Ericaceae Juss.
Leucopogon newbeyi Hislop , legitimate, scientific
Hislop, M. (23 March 2012), Two new species from the Leucopogon distans group (Ericaceae: Styphelioideae: Styphelieae) and the reinstatement of L. penicillatus. Nuytsia 22(1): 7-10, Figs 3-5 APC [tax. nov.]
  • Type: east of Ongerup, Western Australia [precise locality withheld for conservation reasons], 23 August 2011, M. Hislop 4135 (holo: PERTH 08318069; iso: CANB, K, MEL, NSW).
taxonomic synonym: Leucopogon sp. Toompup (M.Hislop 2271) WA Herbarium [n/a]
  • APC Dist.: WA
  • Etymology: "The species epithet honours the late Kenneth Raymond Newbey (1936–1988), one of the most important Western Australian plant collectors of the second half of the twentieth century. Ken's collecting trips were notable for their frequent incursions into remote, and in botanical terms, poorly known country, especially in southern inland, south and south-eastern coastal parts of the state. He seems to have paid particular attention to those plant groups which he knew to be poorly understood taxonomically and this probably led to his apparent interest in the epacrids. Among the many significant finds that he made across the family are collections of at least three taxa that are still known only from his specimens. It is particularly appropriate that this plant be named after Ken, because not only was he the first to collect it, but the centre of the species’ range is the Ongerup district, where the Newbey family farm was located."
Biggs, L.J. & Parker, C.M. (21 November 2013), Updates to Western Australia's vascular plant census for 2012. Nuytsia 23: 515 [secondary reference]
taxonomic synonym: Leucopogon sp. Toompup (M.Hislop 2271) WA Herbarium [n/a]