Vascular Plants Australian Plant Name Index (APNI)

Showing Hydrocotyle puberula
Araliaceae Juss.
Hydrocotyle puberula J.R.Wheeler, N.G.Marchant & M.Lewington , nom. inval., scientific
Wheeler, J.R., Marchant, N.G. & Lewington, M. (2002), Dicotyledons. Flora of the South West 2: 484 [primary reference]
  • Comment: nom. inval., as no Latin description or diagnosis or reference to a previously and effectively published Latin description or diagnosis is provided as required by ICN Art. 39.1 (Shenzhen Code, 2018).
CHAH (2011), Australian Plant Census: - [taxonomic synonym]
taxonomic synonym of: Hydrocotyle sp. Puberula (H.Eichler 22058) WA Herbarium [n/a]