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Malpighiaceae Juss.
Stigmaphyllon mariae C.E.Anderson , legitimate, scientific
Anderson, C.E. (2011), Revision of Ryssopterys and transfer to Stigmaphyllon (Malpighiaceae). Blumea 56: 90-91, Fig. 5, Map 11 APC [tax. nov.]
  • Type: Pulsford & Floyd 5449 (holo BRI; iso A, CANB, L, SING), Papua New Guinea, East Sepik Province, near Dagua, 19 Oct. 1953.
  • APC Dist.: Qld
  • Etymology: This species is named for Maria Johanna van Steenis-Kruseman (1904-1999) in recognition of her prodigious bibliographical and biographic work. All students of the flora of Southeast Asia are indebted to her for her exhaustive research on publications, maps, and collectors, much of it presented in volume 1 of Flora Malesiana (;the Green Bible'; van Steenis 1950) and supplements to volume 5 (Van Steenis 1956, 1958) and volume 8 (1974).