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Showing Xanthosia scopulicola
Apiaceae Lindl.
Xanthosia scopulicola J.M.Hart & Henwood , legitimate, scientific
Hart, J.M. & Henwood, M.J. (23 April 2000), Systematics of the Xanthosia pilosa complex (Apiaceae: Hydrocotyloideae). Australian Systematic Botany 13(2): 250-251, Figs 6, 7 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: New South Wales. Central Tablelands: at half-way marker, The Giant Stairway, Three Sisters, Blue Mountains National Park, Katoomba, J.M.Hart 384, 17.xii.1996; holo SYD; iso CANB, MEL, NSW 457541.
  • Etymology: The specific epithet refers to this species preference for cliff habitats.
National Herbarium of New South Wales (2009), PlantNET Flora of New South Wales Online: - [secondary reference]
CHAH (2011), Australian Plant Census: - APC [secondary reference]
misapplication: Xanthosia vestita Benth. legitimate by Fairley, A. & Moore, P. (1989), Native Plants of the Sydney District: 253, pl. 894 misapplication: Xanthosia pilosa Rudge legitimate by Baker, M. & Corringham, R. (1995), Native Plants of the Blue Mountains: 49, bottom right illustration
  • APC Dist.: NSW