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Zamiaceae Horan.
Macrozamia machinii P.I.Forst. & D.L.Jones , legitimate, scientific
Jones, D.L. & Forster, P.I. (1 September 1995), Seven new species of Macrozamia section Parazamia (Miq.) Miq. (Zamiaceae section Parazamia) from Queensland. Austrobaileya 4(2): 276-278, figs 4, 8A, 9A, 10C. [tax. nov.]
  • Type: Queensland. Darling Downs District: Inglewood, 11 Apr 1992, P.I. Forster 9767B & P. Machin [male plant] (holo: BRI [4 sheets + carpological]; iso: CBG).
taxonomic synonym: Macrozamia sp. (Inglewood C.T.White AQ142073) [n/a]
  • Etymology: "Named for Peter Machin, whose unstinting enthusiasm and interest in the cycads has been catalytic in this work progressing so rapidly."
Hill, K.D. in McCarthy, P.M. (ed.) (1998), Zamiaceae. Flora of Australia 48: 655 [taxonomic synonym]
taxonomic synonym of: Macrozamia plurinervia (L.A.S.Johnson) D.L.Jones legitimate
Threatened Species and Communities Section, Biodiversity Group, Environment Australia (8 July 1998), Endangered Species Protection Act 1992. Schedules 1, 2 & 3: 23 [secondary reference]
CHAH (2005), Australian Plant Census: - [secondary reference]
nomenclatural synonym: Macrozamia sp. (Inglewood C.T.White AQ142073) [n/a] taxonomic synonym: Macrozamia pauli-guilielmi subsp. plurinervia L.A.S.Johnson legitimate
CHAH (2006), Australian Plant Census: - APC [secondary reference]
taxonomic synonym: Macrozamia sp. (Inglewood C.T.White AQ142073) [n/a]
  • APC Dist.: Qld