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Showing Juncus curtisiae
Juncaceae Juss.
Juncus curtisiae L.A.S.Johnson , legitimate, scientific
Johnson, L.A.S. in Banks, M.R., Smith, S.J., Orchard, A.E. & Kantvilas, G. (ed.) (1991), New Australian taxa in Juncus (Juncaceae). Aspects of Tasmanian Botany - a tribute to Winifred Curtis: 44-45, Fig. 9 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "Table Mountain, alt. 2500 ft [750 m], [42 deg 14 min S, 147 deg 08 min E], Tasmania, D.A. & A.V.Ratkowsky JS 101, 15.i.1975 (NSW). Isotypes: CANB, HO, MEL." [Correct collection date is 15 Feb. 1975, T.R.Lally pers. comm., Jan. 2014]
Curtis, W.M. in Curtis, W.M. & Morris, D.I. (1994), Juncaceae. The Student's Flora of Tasmania 4B: 74 [secondary reference]
Kirschner, J. (2002), Juncaceae 2: Juncus subg. Juncus. Species Plantarum: Flora of the World 7: 261-262, Map 402 APC [secondary reference]
  • APC Dist.: Tas
de Salas, M.F. & Baker, M.L. (2016), A Census of the Vascular Plants of Tasmania, including Macquarie Island: 90 [secondary reference]