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Rutaceae Juss.
Boronia palasepala Duretto , legitimate, scientific
Duretto, M.F. (25 January 1999), Boronia sect. Valvatae (Benth.) Engl. (Rutaceae) in Queensland Australia. Austrobaileya 5(2): 280, Figs 1 (map), 9 APC [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "Queensland, Burnett District, Coominglah State Forest 28, c. 24°51'30"S 150°56'E, Grid Ref. 9048-916493, 6 September 1992, M.F. Duretto 277, M.Bayly & N.Marsh (holo: MEL [MEL 2036610]; iso: AD, BRi, CANB, HO, K, MEL [MEL 2036611, MEL 2036612], NSW, PERTH."
  • APC Dist.: Qld
  • Etymology: "the specific epithet is derived from Latin pala (spade) and sepala (sepal), and alludes to the spade shaped (as of playing cards) sepals."
Duretto, M.F. (28 June 1999), Systematics of Boronia section Valvatae sensu lato (Rutaceae). Muelleria 12(1): 81-82, Fig. 12 (map) BHL [secondary reference]
  • Type: "(holotype MEL 2036610; isotypes AD, BRI, CANB, HO, K, MEL 2036611, MEL 2036612, NSW, PERTH)."
Duretto, M.F. & Ladiges, P.Y. in Wilson, A.J.G. (ed.) (2013), Boronia Sect. 6. Valvatae. Flora of Australia 26: 263-264 [secondary reference]