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Plantaginaceae Juss.
Stemodia tephropelina W.R.Barker , legitimate, scientific
Barker, W.R. (21 September 1990), New taxa, names and combinations in Lindernia, Peplidium, Stemodia and Striga (Scrophulariaceae) mainly of the Kimberley Region, Western Australia. Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens 13: 90 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "W.R.Barker 2757, 10.viii.1978. Northern Territory, Victoria River District. Ca. 300 m W of second to eastern°most crossing of Companion Creek by road to Victoria River Downs; ca. 8½km by road NW of junction at Top Springs roadhouse with Wave Hill–Katherine road (16°30'S, 131°44'E). Altitude 150–200 m. Forming prolific population in open small to broad (30 m square) depressions in grey (sand–)stony clay plain covered by dense tussock grassland with occasional lone small trees. Low perennial with branches prostrate and finally erect to ascending to erect. A month after unusual rains (normally dry season), possibly explaining few larger–leaved plants. Dead remains of taller plants from previous wet season rarely apparent (some collected). Foliage with sweet light minty scent. Corolla tube green–yellow all around, lower side of mouth mid–yellow to base of lobes, lobes very pale blue behind, mid–blue in front. Tube rather closed, upper lobes erect, lower at 45°. Anthers yellow, stigma white. Colour, black and white photo's taken. Cutting taken. Cytological material taken. AD97925154."
Barker, W.R. in Wheeler, J.R. (ed.) (1992), Scrophulariaceae. Flora of the Kimberley Region: 838, Fig. 256E [secondary reference]
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misapplication: Stemodia grossa Benth. legitimate by Kenneally, K.F. (1989), Checklist of vascular plants of the Kimberley, Western Australia: 60, 94
  • APC Dist.: WA, NT