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Aspleniaceae Newman
Asplenium bulbiferum G.Forst. , legitimate, scientific
Forster, J.G.A. (1786), Florulae Insularum Australium Prodromus: 80 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: Nova Zeelandia.
Hooker, J.D. (1854), The botany of the Antarctic voyage of H.M. discovery ships Erebus and Terror. II. Flora Novae-Zelandiae 2(5): 34 [secondary reference]
Hooker, J.D. (3 September 1858), The botany of the Antarctic voyage of H.M. Discovery ships Erebus and Terror. III. Flora Tasmaniae 2(7): 146 [secondary reference]
Mueller, F.J.H. von (1864), The Vegetation of the Chatham-Islands: 66 [basionym]
basionym of: Asplenium marinum var. bulbifera (G.Forst.) F.Muell. legitimate
Tate, R. (1880), Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania 3: 89 [secondary reference]
Mueller, F.J.H. von (1882), Systematic Census of Australian Plants: 138 [secondary reference]
Rodway, L. (1903), The Tasmanian Flora: 285 BHL [secondary reference]
Dixon, W.A. (1906), The Plants of New South Wales: 288 [secondary reference]
common name: Ginger Fern [n/a]
Bailey, F.M. (1913), Comprehensive Catalogue of Queensland Plants: 644 [secondary reference]
Domin, K. (October 1914), Beitrage zur Flora und Pflanzengeographie Australiens. Bibliotheca Botanica 20(85): 103-104 [secondary reference]
nomenclatural synonym: Asplenium marinum var. bulbifera (G.Forst.) F.Muell. legitimate
Black, J.M. (1922), Cyatheaceae - Orchidaceae. Flora of South Australia 1: 39 [secondary reference]
Gardner, C.A. (1930), Part I. Pteridophyta-Proteaceae. Enumeratio Plantarum Australiae Occidentalis: 2 [secondary reference]
Farwell, O.A. (1931), American Midland Naturalist 12: 275 [basionym]
basionym of: Chamaefilix bulbifera (G.Forst.) Farw. legitimate
Black, J.M. (1943), Flora of South Australia Edn. 2, 1: 38 [secondary reference]
Beadle, N.C.W., Evans, O.D. & Carolin, R.C. (1962), Handbook of the Vascular Plants of the Sydney District and Blue Mountains: 75 [secondary reference]
Eichler, Hj. (1965), Supplement to J.M.Black's Flora of South Australia (Second Edition, 1943-1957): 28 [secondary reference]
misapplication: Asplenium praemorsum Sw. legitimate by Black, J.M. (1943), Flora of South Australia Edn. 2, 1: 38
Willis, J.H. (1970), A Handbook to Plants in Victoria Edn. 2, 1: 34 [secondary reference]
vernacular name: Mother Spleenwort [n/a]
Brownsey, P.J. (1977), A taxonomic revision of the New Zealand species of Asplenium. New Zealand Journal of Botany 15: 60 [secondary reference]
  • Lectotype: "Lectotype in BM; New Zealand, Dusky Bay, coll. J.R. & G. Forster"
Brownsey, P.J. in McCarthy, P.M. (ed.) (1998), Aspleniaceae. Flora of Australia 48: 307 [secondary reference]
Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria (2006), Australian Plant Census: - APC [secondary reference]
nomenclatural synonym: Asplenium bulbiferum G.Forst. var. bulbiferum legitimate nomenclatural synonym: Asplenium bulbiferum var. normale Domin nom. inval.
  • APC Dist.: SA, Qld, NSW, ACT, Vic, Tas