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B.G.Briggs Name author Briggs, B.G. Reference author
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58 names
19 References:
  1. Briggs, B.G. (August 2001), (1489) Proposal to conserve the name Leptocarpus (Restionaceae) with a conserved type. Taxon 50(3)
  2. Briggs, B.G. (1959), Ranunculus lappaceus and allied species of the Australian mainland. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales 84
  3. Briggs, B.G. (17 September 1962), The New South Wales Species of Darwinia. Contributions from the New South Wales National Herbarium 3(3)
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  11. Briggs, B.G. (2001), Leptocarpus laxus: the correct name for L. diffusus (Restionaceae). Taxon 50
  12. Briggs, B.G. (17 September 2005), Lectotypification of Schoenodum tenax (Restionaceae) and a note on the type of Lyginia imberbis (Anarthriaceae). Telopea 11(1)
  13. Briggs, B.G. (2010), Personal Communication
  14. Briggs, B.G. (16 February 2011), Ecdeiocolea rigens, a new species of Ecdeiocoleaceae (Poales) from Western Australia. Telopea 13(1-2)
  15. Briggs, B.G. (16 August 2012), Chromosome numbers in some Australian Restionaceae (Poales): new counts and an inferred base number for Leptocarpoideae. Telopea 14
  16. Briggs, B.G. (21 March 2014), Desmocladus (Restionaceae) enlarged to include the Western Australian genera Harperia, Kulinia and Onychosepalum. Telopea 17
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  19. Briggs, B.G. (10 April 2017), The identity of Restio curvulus Nees and lectotypifications of some Australian Restionaceae. Telopea 20

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