Orchidaceae Juss.
Diuris leopardina D.L.Jones & R.J.Bates , legitimate, scientific
Jones, D.L. & Bates, R.J. (2017), Two new species of Diuris from Winter-wet Flats in the South-east of South Australia and South-western Victoria. Australian Orchid Review 82(2): 49-50 APC [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "South Australia, Lower Southeast region, Penola to Duradong Road, 1963 D. Hunt s.n. (holo AD 98620164)."
  • APC Dist.: SA
  • Etymology: "The Latin leopardinus, marked like a leopard, in reference to the numerous spots on the posterior surface of the dorsal sepal and petals and the two large dark patches on the dorsal sepal."
Jones, D.L. (January 2021), Native Orchids of Australia Edn. 3: 227 [secondary reference]
common name: Mottled Donkey Orchid [n/a]