Chenopodiaceae Vent.
Sclerostegia medullosa Paul G.Wilson , legitimate, scientific
Wilson, Paul G. (24 July 1980), A revision of the Australian species of Salicornieae (Chenopodiaceae). Nuytsia 3(1): 24-25, Fig. 15, Map 20 BHL [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "Theldarpa–Yandama Stn. (ca. 30 mi W. of Milparinda); bushy 1–2 ft; locally frequent along swamp water course on gibber hill; 2 June 1955, L.A.S. Johnson and E.F. Constable (holo: NSW 40039, iso: PERTH)."
  • Etymology: "The specific epithet has reference to the pithy nature of the articles."
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  • APC Dist.: SA, Qld, NSW
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basionym of: Tecticornia medullosa (Paul G.Wilson) K.A.Sheph. & Paul G.Wilson legitimate