Caryophyllaceae Juss.
Cerastium fontanum Baumg. , legitimate, scientific
Baumgarten, J.C.G. (1816), Enumeratio Stirpium Magno Transsilvaniae 1: 425 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "In summo M. Hargita ibidem juxta rivulos. Jun. P."
Jalas, J. & Sell, P.D. (1967), Watsonia 6: 292-294 [secondary reference]
Curtis, W.M. & Morris, D.I. (1975), Angiospermae: Ranunculaceae to Myrtaceae. The Student's Flora of Tasmania Edn. 2, 1: 69 [secondary reference]
taxonomic synonym: Cerastium vulgatum L. nom. rej. taxonomic synonym: Cerastium triviale Link nom. illeg. common name: Mouse-ear Chickweed [n/a]
Lamp, C. & Collet, F. (1976), A field guide to weeds in Australia: 104 [secondary reference]
Jacobs, S.W.L. & Pickard, J. (1981), Plants of New South Wales: 97 [secondary reference]
Western Australian Herbarium (2007), FloraBase: the Western Australian Flora Version 2.5: - [taxonomic synonym]
taxonomic synonym of: Cerastium vulgare Hartm. legitimate
National Herbarium of New South Wales (2009), PlantNET Flora of New South Wales Online: - APC [secondary reference]
  • APC Dist.: NSW (doubtfully naturalised), MI (naturalised)