Cupressaceae Gray
Cupressaceae Gray , nom. cons., scientific
Gray, S.F. (1822), A Natural Arrangement of British Plants 2: 222, 225 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: Cupressus L.
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  • Comment: The genus Callitris treated under Pinaceae in Black, Fl.S. Austral. ed. 2 (1943) 44-45, belongs to Cupressaceae.
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taxonomic synonym: Taxodiaceae Saporta nom. cons.
  • APC Dist.: WA (native and naturalised), NT, SA (native and naturalised), Qld (native and naturalised), NSW (native and naturalised), NI (naturalised), ACT (naturalised), Vic (native and naturalised), Tas (native and naturalised)
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taxonomic synonym: Taxodiaceae Saporta nom. cons.
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common name: Cypress Pine [n/a]