Goodeniaceae R.Br.
Lechenaultia peregrina R.W.Jobson & R.L.Barrett , legitimate, scientific
Barrett, R.L. & Jobson, R.W. (30 June 2021), Lechenaultia peregrina, a new species of Goodeniaceae from northern Australia, New Guinea and the Moluccas. Telopea 24: 279-281, Fig. 1 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "Queensland: Olive River Environmental Reserve, 5 km E by road of ‘Bromley’ Homestead, 45 km E of Moreton Telegraph Station, Cape York Peninsula, 18 June 2007, P.I. Forster PIF32817 & K.R. McDonald (holo:NSW 921773; iso: BRI AQ0752787, (plus spirit material), MEL 2407327, MEL 2407328)."
taxonomic synonym: Lechenaultia sp. Gove (K.G.Brennan 7684) [n/a]
  • Etymology: "The specific epithet is from the Latin peregrinus (from foreign parts, foreign, or exotic; also used by Brown (1956) for ‘travelling about’, but probably derived from peregrinor) and refers to the disjunct distribution of this species, which is the only Lechenaultia to have dispersed outside of Australia."
Brown, G.K. (December 2021), Appendix A: New names and name and status changes 2020 to 2021. Introduction to the Census of the Queensland Flora 2021: 9 [secondary reference]