Amaranthaceae Juss.
Ptilotus xerophilus T.Hammer & R.W.Davis , legitimate, scientific
Hammer, T.A., Davis, R.W. & Thiele, K.R. (8 May 2019), Of a different feather: two new species of featherheads from the Ptilotus macrocephalus (Amaranthaceae) complex. Australian Systematic Botany 32(1): 68-69, Figs 1-3, 5 (map) [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "Western Australia, 700 m south along Paynes Find–Yalgoo road from junction of Geraldton–Mount Magnet road, 26 Aug. 2018, R.Davis & T.Hammer RD12901 (holo: PERTH!; iso [to be distributed]: BRI!, CANB!)"
  • Etymology: "From the Greek xeros (dry) and philia (love), referring to the distribution of this species in lower-rainfall regions of Australia than that of the other two species in the P. macrocephalus complex, which occur in higher-rainfall regions of eastern Australia (see Fig. 5B)."
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