Araucariaceae Henkel & W.Hochst.
Araucaria cunninghamii Aiton ex A.Cunn. , isonym, scientific
Cunningham, A. in Lambert, A.B. (1832), A Description of the Genus Pinus Edn. 3, 2: unpaginated portion between pp. 144 & 145 & fig. [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "But it was not until my visit to the shores of Moreton Bay with the late Mr. Oxley in 1824, ..."
  • Comment: Cunningham refers to "Aiton. MSS. G.Don in Loud. Hort. Brit." however the taxon is not validly described therein. Index Kewensis cites D.Don in Lambert, Descr. Gen. Pinus ed. 2 (1828) [Folio edition] but the combination is not validly made therein. For a note on the publication of names in these non paginated pages, see J.Little, Madroño 10 (1949) 33–47.