Asteraceae Bercht. & J.Presl
Achillea filipendulina Lam. , legitimate, scientific
Lamarck, J.-B.P.A. de M. de in Lamarck, J.-B.P.A. de M. de & Poiret, J.L.M. (1783), Encyclopédie Méthodique, Botanique 1(1): 27 BHL [tax. nov.]
Thompson, I.R. (22 May 2007), A taxonomic treatment of tribe Anthemideae (Asteraceae) in Australia. Muelleria 25: 30 BHL [secondary reference]
  • Text: "Achillea filipendulina Lam. has been collected on Scholcroft Rd Uraidla near Adelaide in south-eastern South Australia (R.Bates 9234 AD) and from Island Bend dam viewpoint in the Snowy Mts, far south-eastern New South Wales (M.E.Phillips s.n. CANB, NSW), but is not considered naturalised."
Hosking, J.R., Conn, B.J., Lepschi, B.J. & Barker, C.H. (2011), Plant species first recognised as naturalised or naturalising for New South Wales in 2004 and 2005. Cunninghamia 12(1): 93-94 APC [secondary reference]
common name: Fern-leaf yarrow [n/a]
  • APC Comment: Recorded from SA and NSW, but not considered to be naturalised in Australia (see I.R.Thompson, Muelleria 25: 30 (2007).