Dilleniaceae Salisb.
Hibbertia empetrifolia subsp. uncinata Toelken , legitimate, scientific
Toelken, H.R. (20 November 1998), Notes on Hibbertia (Dilleniaceae) 2. The H. aspera - empetrifolia complex. Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens 18(2): 142, fig. 7G-I [tax. nov.]
  • Type: New South Wales, 4 mls SW Mangrove Mountain, R.D.Hoogland 12243 (holo.: sheet 2, CANB226041; iso.: sheet 1, CANB226040, K n.v., L n.v., NSW).
Harden, G.J. & Murray, L.J. in Harden, G.J. & Murray, L.J. (ed.) (2000), Flora of New South Wales Supplement 1: 33 [secondary reference]
CHAH (2011), Australian Plant Census: - [taxonomic synonym]
taxonomic synonym of: Hibbertia empetrifolia (DC.) Hoogland subsp. empetrifolia legitimate