Rutaceae Juss.
Philotheca myoporoides subsp. brevipedunculata Bayly , legitimate, scientific
Bayly, M.J. (1998), Notes on the Eriostemon myoporoides (Rutaceae) species complex, including new names and a new generic placement in Philotheca. Muelleria 11: 121 APC [tax. nov.]
  • Type: New South Wales: South Coast, Deua National Park, c. 13 km (direct) WSW of Moruya, 35 57'S, 149 54'E, R.O.Makinson 1239 & G.Butler, 23.xi.1992 (holo: MEL 717249; iso: NE, NSW, CANB (CBG 9218263), PERTH.
  • APC Dist.: NSW, Vic
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