Ophioglossaceae Martinov
Ophioglossum costatum R.Br. , legitimate, scientific
Brown, R. (27 March 1810), Prodromus florae Novae Hollandiae et insulae Van-Diemen, exhibens characteres plantarum quas annis 1802-1805: 163 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "(J. T.) v.v."
Hooker, J.D. (1854), The botany of the Antarctic voyage of H.M. discovery ships Erebus and Terror. II. Flora Novae-Zelandiae 2(5): 50 [basionym]
basionym of: Ophioglossum vulgatum var. costatum (R.Br.) Hook.f. legitimate
Domin, K. (January 1915), Beitrage zur Flora und Pflanzengeographie Australiens. Bibliotheca Botanica 20(85): 223 [nomenclatural synonym]
nomenclatural synonym of: Ophioglossum vulgatum var. costatum (R.Br.) Hook.f. legitimate
Pichi Sermolli, R.E.G. (1954), Adumbratio Florae Aethiopicae 3. Ophioglossaceae, Osmundaceae, Schizaeaceae. Webbia; raccolta di scritti botanici 9(2): 626-632, Fig. 1 [secondary reference]
  • Lectotype: "Nov. Holl.: Arnhem North Bay, 14 Feb. 1803, R.Brown 118 (BM)."
Wiefferung, J.H. (1964), A Preliminary Revision of the Indo-Pacific species of Ophioglossum (Ophioglossaceae). Blumea 12(2): 323-324 [secondary reference]
Dunlop, C.R. (1987), Checklist of the Vascular Plants of the Northern Territory. Technical Report: Conservation Commission of the Northern Territory 26: 2 [secondary reference]
Wheeler, J.R. in Wheeler, J.R. (ed.) (1992), Ophioglossaceae. Flora of the Kimberley Region: 28, Fig. 2B [secondary reference]
common name: Large Adder's Tongue [n/a]
Chinnock, R.J. in McCarthy, P.M. (ed.) (1998), Ophioglossaceae. Flora of Australia 48: 107, Fig. 47D, Map 64 APC [secondary reference]
taxonomic synonym: Ophioglossum pedunculosum Desv. legitimate taxonomic synonym: Ophioglossum vulgatum var. pedunculosum (Desv.) Domin legitimate
  • APC Dist.: WA, NT, Qld
Short, P., Dixon, D. & Osterkamp Madsen, M. (2003), A review of the ferns and fern allies of the Northern Territory. The Beagle, Records of the Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory 19(3): 18, Fig. 3B, map [secondary reference]
Field, A.R. (2 January 2020), Classification and typification of Australian lycophytes and ferns based on Pteridophyte Phylogeny Group classification PPG I. Australian Systematic Botany 33(1): 15 [secondary reference]
  • Type: "Arnheim Bay, 14 Feb. 1803, R.Brown Iter Austral. 118 (lecto:BM001038204*; possible isolecto: E 00208945*,K n.v."