Lamiaceae Martinov
Westringia crassifolia N.A.Wakef. , legitimate, scientific
Wakefield, N.A. (1957), Flora of Victoria: new species and other additions - 12. The Victorian Naturalist 73(11): 187 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "Junction of the Parish boundaries of Huntley, Neilborough and Whirrakee (Bendigo Whipstick), about 10 miles north of Bendigo, Victoria; leg. John W. Kellam, Sept. 16, 1956; "plants up to 7 ft. high and very spindly, growing among Melaleuca uncinata mainly". [MEL; duplicates to be sent to K and NSW.]"
Threatened Species and Communities Section, Biodiversity Group, Environment Australia (8 July 1998), Endangered Species Protection Act 1992. Schedules 1, 2 & 3: 11 [secondary reference]
Conn, B.J. in Walsh, N.G. & Entwisle, T.J. (ed.) (1999), Lamiaceae. Flora of Victoria 4: 442-443, Fig. 86g APC [secondary reference]
common name: Whipstick Westringia [n/a]
  • APC Dist.: Vic