Poaceae Barnhart
Bambusa Schreb. , nom. cons., scientific
Schreber, J.C.D. von in Schreber, J.C.D. von (ed.) (1789), Genera Plantarum Edn. 8, 1: 236 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: Bambos arundinacea Retz.
  • Comment: nom. cons. vs. BAMBOS Retz., Obs. Bot. 5 (1788) 24) (ref. I.C.B.N. (1983) No. 424). For note on typification see R.E.Holttum, Taxon 6 (1956) 26–28, 65–66.
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taxonomic synonym: Bambos Retz. nom. rej.
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taxonomic synonym: Bambos Retz. nom. rej.
  • APC Dist.: NT (native and naturalised), Qld (naturalised)
Jacobs, S.W.L., Whalley, R.D.B. & Wheeler, D.J.B. (2008), Grasses of New South Wales Edn. 4: 165-166 (fig.) [secondary reference]
common name: Bamboos [n/a]
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