Proteaceae Juss.
Xylomelum Sm. , legitimate, scientific
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  • Type: (not designated).
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common name: Native Pears [n/a]
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  • Lectotype: Xylomelum pyriforme (Gaertner) R.Br. [In err., species combination already made by Knight (1809), hence Xylomelum pyriforme (Gaertn.) Knight].
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  • Neotype: "From Greek, xylon, wood, and melon, a tree fruit, referring to the large woody fruits."
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  • APC Dist.: WA, Qld, NSW
  • Comment: Note: lectotypification by Farr, Leussink & Stafleu (p. 1881:(1979)) and subsequently reproduced here in error: should be Xylomelum pyriforme (Gaertn.) Knight as stated in species entry.
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