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CAVS: 1587

Species Ziphius cavirostris Cuvier, 1823

Cuvier's Beaked Whale



New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia

Extra Distribution Information

Circumglobal except polar seas.

IBRA and IMCRA regions (map not available)


Tasmania Province (10), Southeast Transition (11), Central Eastern Province (12), Tasman Basin Province (13), Central Eastern Transition (15), Kenn Transition (16), Kenn Province (17), Northeast Province (18), Northeast Transition (19), Timor Province (2), Northwest Transition (3), Northwest Province (4), Northeast Shelf Transition (41), Central Western Transition (5), Central Western Province (6), Southwest Transition (7), Southern Province (8), West Tasmania Transition (9)

Ecological Descriptors

Gregarious, oceanic, pelagic, predator.

Extra Ecological Information

Diet includes cephalopods and deep water fish.


General References

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