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Name Export for Paranaspides williamsi Ahyong, Schwentner & Richter, 2017

Paranaspides_williamsi.csv (Click link directly or right click and 'Save As'...)

Note: some exports may take a few minutes to complete.

Names Export Format

The current format for exports from the AFD is a CSV (comma separated values) file, which can be used in Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheets, as well as easily imported into relational databases like Oracle or MS SQL Server.

We're also investigating exports in different XML schemas but at the moment no specific schema has been decided.

The CSV format contains a lot of information and hopefully will fulfil most people's data needs. We include for each name a GUID and a timestamp for the name itself, the taxonomic concept, and primary reference.

Format Definition

Field name Description
CAVS_CODE The CAVS code if available.
CAAB_CODE The CAAB code if available.
NAMES_VARIOUS This field holds either the species group name or the common name.
SCIENTIFIC_NAME The full scientific name and authority.
FAMILY The family scientific name.
GENUS The genus scientific name.
SUBGENUS The subgenus scientific name.
SPECIES The species scientific name.
SUBSPECIES The subspecies scientific name.
NAME_TYPE The classification of this name:
A valid scientific name.
A common name.
Taxonomically an accepted available name, but in this instance, for convenience, including the categories of names listed below.
Miscellaneous Literature Name
A literature synonym.
NAME_SUBTYPE Further classification on the name type:
Valid name
Valid names are not broken down into subtypes.
Common name
Subtypes are either "Preferred" or "General".
Subtypes can be "synonym", "nomen nudum", "replacement name", "invalid name", "original spelling", "subsequent misspelling", "emendation", "nomen dubium", "objective synonym", "subjective synonym", "junior homonym", "nomem oblitum" or "nomen protectum".
Miscellaneous Literature Name
Miscellaneous literature names are not broken down into subtypes.
RANK The rank of this taxon.
QUALIFICATION Qualification or comments for the taxon.
AUTHOR The authority author name.
YEAR The authoriy year.
ORIG_COMBINATION Whether this is an original combination, either 'Y', 'N' or empty when not applicable.
NAME_GUID The GUID of the name.
NAME_LAST_UPDATE The time at which this name was last updated.
TAXON_GUID The GUID of the AFD taxonomic concept with which this name is associated.
TAXON_LAST_UPDATE The time at which this taxonomic concept was last updated.
TAXON_PARENT_GUID The GUID of the parent AFD taxonomic concept.
Fields relating to the primary reference
Field name Description
CONCEPT_GUID The GUID of taxonomic concept of the primary reference.
For valid names this will be the same as the TAXON_GUID. The publication fields will be empty, as the publication is this directory itself.
PUB_AUTHOR The author of the publication.
PUB_YEAR The year of the publication.
PUB_TITLE The title of the publication.
PUB_PAGES The pages referenced.
PUB_PARENT_BOOK_TITLE The title of the book in which the chapter occurs, if applicable.
PUB_PARENT_JOURNAL_TITLE The title of the journal in which the article occurs, if applicable.
PUB_PARENT_ARTICLE_TITLE The title of the article in which the section occurs, if applicable.
PUB_PUBLICATION_DATE The publication date.
PUB_PUBLISHER The publisher.
PUB_FORMATTED The formatted version of this publication.
PUB_QUALIFICATION Qualification and comments about this publication.
PUB_TYPE Type of publication reference:
A book
Chapter in a Book
A chapter within a book
Article in Journal
An article within a journal
Section in an Article
A section within a article in a journal
A website URL
This Work
A volume of the AFD
A miscellaneous publication
PUBLICATION_GUID The GUID for this publication record.
PUBLICATION_LAST_UPDATE The timestamp of the last update to this publication.
PARENT_PUBLICATION_GUID The GUID for the publication containing this publication (if any).

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