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Bilbies are confined to continental Australia. There are only two extant species. Hind limbs are longer than forelimbs and are syndactylous, the second and third digits being conjoined. There are five digits on the manus and four toes on the pes. The ears are large and prominent. The tail is long and well haired with a prominent dorsal crest of hair and a small spur-like naked tip. The rostrum of the skull is abruptly constricted. Bilbies burrow and are solitary, but burrows may be congregated. The marsupium is well developed and opens postero-ventrally.

Thylacomyidae are nocturnal, terrestrial and carnivorous. The diet consists largely of insects, but small vertebrates and some vegetable matter may be ingested. Of the two extant species, one is endangered and the status of the other is unknown.


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